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Craving for more? You got it! After their album "Invincible" made a bombastic entrance, seizing the No.1 spot on the Swiss charts, SHAKRA is back with a thundering encore. The Swiss hard rockers are hitting the gas pedal with their latest single "What You See And What You Don't," blasting through with an attitude reminiscent of Mötley Crüe's glory days.

We all know the saying, "What you see is what you get." However, that's only half the truth because what you get also comes with what you don't see. In a world where appearances often deceive, SHAKRA's latest track offers a piercing look into the duality of reality.

Lyrics like "Every 'good' has its 'bad,' Even a joke can make you sad," serve as a haunting reminder that everything comes at a cost. With the powerful voice of frontman Mark Fox and the band's crisp riffs, the song takes the listener on a soul-searching journey to question what is genuine and what is illusory.

"What you see and what you don’t is what you get," sings Fox, reminding us that life often comes with unwelcome surprises, and it's up to us to navigate through its complexities. So take a good look, and then another, because all that glitters isn't always gold.


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