Thomas Muster

Thomas Muster @rhythm_guitar

Born: 5.10.1964 in Bern, Switzerland

Lives in: greater Bern area

Likes to: travel „Around The World“, play guitar, write songs, cook, watch tennis on TV

Doesn’t like to: drive on the A1 highway in Switzerland

Strength: impatience (always pushing forward)

Weakness: impatience (sometimes pushing too hard)

Likes to spend time: in bed, in the studio, on stage, at a Rush-concert.

Likes to drink: red wine, water, beer, coke

Likes to eat: Swiss food, Greek food, US-steaks & burgers, Asian food, Italian food and my food!

Likes to eat at: home! Greek tavernas, Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill, Sternen Murzelen

Likes the music of: Rush, Dream Theater, 80’s Rock & Metal-stuff

Hopes that: the world still offers some save places to live when he’s old.

Wants to: play these f***ng „Snakes & Ladders“ live!

Wants to thank: Lionel Blanc at Sticks-Musique and the SCHECTER company for giving me the chance to play theses fantastic guitars since 2009, Christian Kraska at SDS for the AUDIX microphones, Martin Eisele at Audio-Protect for the IEM-Headphones and Remo Zollinger at Z-Audio for the MIPRO IEM-Wireless-System,


Thomas proudly plays the following SCHECTER-Models on stage, in the studio or just at home:

Hellraiser C1 / white

Hellraiser C1 / black

Hellraiser Solo 6 E/A / red

Solo 6 limited  / black

Blackjack C1 / black

Blackjack ATX V1 / satin black

Tempest Custom / black

Jerry Horton signature Solo 6 / black with candy red back

C1 30th anniversary limited

Visit the SCHECTER-website:

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Thomas uses the following AUDIX-microphones on stage:

OM7 – Vocal mic

i5 Instrument mic

Visit the AUDIX-website:

Visit the Swiss AUDIX distributor:

Thomas also uses MARSHALL JVM410 amps and cabinets w/ Celestion V30 and G12-75 speakers, MIPRO IEM-Wireless-System, IEM-Headphones from Audio-Protect, Switzerland. There will be accompaniment tracks available soon through our website, which is optimized by the best seo company uk so more people can reach to them.

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Thomas Muster