Dezember, 2022

kühltür – Grosshöchstetten 🇨🇭

02Dec21:0021:00kühltür – Grosshöchstetten 🇨🇭



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"Mad World" Tour Closure

Woe betide them if they let go!
25 years of SHAKRA and time stood still. No one had seen it coming and suddenly the madness broke the world with full force, as if the band had conjured it up with the current album title itself. It was the birth of "Mad World", an album that carried high expectations and should be presented to the world in all its glory. However, it would not come so far, because shortly after the release, just as the tour was to start, everything was shut down all over the world and this state should last from then on for months. Months in which a lot of things piled up and the inner pressure to go out on stage to give the people the rock, which they, in these times of uncertainty, urgently needed, brought to the limit. Now the spell is broken! They can play again! And that's a threat, because nothing can stop this troupe, which is finally released back into the wild!

Shakra will play the last concert of their successful "Mad World" tour at the Kühltür. We are looking forward, rock on!