Oktober, 2022

Poppodium Volt - Sittard 🇳🇱

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Poppodium Volt

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27 jaar SHAKRA in Poppodium Volt met hun album “Mad World”

Je 25ste verjaardag vieren doe je natuurlijk met een geweldige tour, de release van een nieuw album en allemaal leuke dingen! Maar als doorgewinterde heavy metal act dacht je naar 25jaar alles gezien te hebben totdat de wereld tot stilstand kwam. Het feest moest worden uitgesteld en alle prachtige dingen in het vooruitzicht werden opgeschoven of afgeblazen. Maar deze eindbazen bleven natuurlijk niet bij de pakken neerzitten en komen in 2022 kei hard terug! Hun album Mad World voelt nog altijd fris en pakken de oude rotten in het vak het werk “gewoon” weer op en staan ze met vernieuwde energie klaar om de wereld over reizen.

Mad World staat vol goede songs die gemaakt zijn voor het podium, wees er dus bij op zaterdag 22 januari om deze levende legendes aan het werk te zien gewoon lekker in Sittard-Geleen.

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Poppodium Volt
Zaterdag 22 januari 2022


The Swiss hard rock band SHAKRA has a quarter of a century under its belt. Anyone who has ever played in a band knows how fragile and exhausting such a band structure can be. 25 years is a long time in the music circus and few acts make it over this distance. SHAKRA made it and it doesn't seem like they want to quit anytime soon. Quite the opposite!

The band has experienced various ups and downs, endured turbulences and always kept the goal in mind. This is also reflected in the abundant and regular chart placements the band has collected in Germany (#53, #69, #72 and more) and of course in Switzerland ( #1, 2x #2, #3, #4, #7 and so on) over all these years.

The quintet wants to celebrate the 25th band anniversary with its fans, in style with hard, catchy and energetic rock music. Eleven new hits in good and proven SHAKRA manner as well as a heartbreaking ballad form the current album "Mad World". Mad World - crazy world. Indeed it is. Nobody had seen it coming and suddenly the madness hit the world with full force, as if the band had conjured it up themselves with the current album title: Shortly after the release, just as the tour was about to start, the stage lights went out all over the globe and this state was to last for months from then on. Months in which the pressure to go out and present their new music to the people grew and grew. Songs that stick and cry out to be played on the stages of this world.

SHAKRA does not have to prove itself anew with "Mad World". No, they rock, especially live, with audible passion. Here's to another quarter century!