Moving Force

Moving Force


    by Thom Blunier

    «Minor smoldering fires occurred frequently in the woodworking shop above our rehearsal space»

    Our rehearsal room used to be in the basement of a wooden goods factory. Right next to a wood chip silo. There were often small smoldering fires. After one such fire, our mixing console was so sooty that the insurance company gave us a new one. My old Strat could be saved by a dedicated employee. (Thanks Michu).

    «Pete had to sing under a tent made of wool blankets»

    Despite the constant noise from the production hall directly above the rehearsal room, we set to work on the new record full of verve. Pete had to sing under a tent made of wool blankets because of the loud woodworking machines. It didn't help much ... so these machines are also immortalized on the record.

    «The press celebrated Moving Force hugely»

    A cover also had to come quickly. As an old motorsport fan, I immediately had the image of a Formula 1 engine in my head. Well, it became only the gears of the valve train. The press celebrated Moving Force enormously. We and Harry from Point-Music (our record company) were happy. Harry knew exactly what to do and sent us on three European tours.

    «We played our butts off!»

    The first tour was in the fall of 1999 with Uriah Heep. We were amazed at what was waiting for us. The bus we stayed in was used for Formula 1 in the summer. It was a wonderful match for the cover. The food was also excellent. In the truck, with the PA, was also a mobile kitchen, which was set up daily. The entire tour troop was deliciously cooked with it. Well satiated, we played our asses off. It was probably not in vain. Our CDs sold like hot bread in the evening. We learned a lot on this tour. Among other things, respect for the headliner and for the crew. Uriah Heep showed us a perfect performance every night. In the fall we even recorded a live album at the legendary Rössli Wattenwil. The album The Live Side was released in the millennium year. A turbulent time. I sometimes wonder today how we managed to do all that besides our "regular" jobs. Thom Blunier


    Vocals: Pete Wiedmer, Lead Guitar: Thom Blunier, Rhythm Guitar: Thomas Muster, Bass: Roger Badertscher, Drums: Roger Tanner

    Produced by Thom Blunier

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