The history of the albums: Fall

    After the rise "Rising" comes the fall. That's how some tried to interpret the title of this album. And that was also the intention. Not that the interpretation was so true - no, the title conveyed much more the mood in the band that prevailed during the recording: autumn. Not quite at the end of the seasons yet, but a self-imposed omen.

    «Thomas left the band!»

    In recent months, the relationship between the two quarrelsome Mark and Thomas had cooled down extremely and it was not possible to reconcile the two. Musically the two still had no differences, but in the interpersonal a cooling down took place, which even went so far that Thomas left the band for two weeks! Fortunately, he quickly returned, because he realized how important the band was to him.

    However, this did not change anything in the relationship with Mark. And also not that in this time so properly the post went off! One highlight chased the next ... They were the signs of what would happen some time later ...

    «But there was also a lot of good»

    The European tour with Hammerfall and Stratovarius took us in an old German military bus from north to south and across the continent, with an interruption in the pampas to Madrid, where our tour bus broke down and we had to travel home by plane. Luckily the tour led to Switzerland, where we could move back into our repaired bus and continue the tour.

    «One thing you have to give the Swedes credit for: they are damn fast at cleaning the stage»

    Our appearance at the Swedenrock festival also left some press releases, as Mark had drunk gallons of apple juice before the show, which didn't really mix with the vodkas the night before, and Mark had to throw up on stage while singing the first chorus of "Why Don't You Call Me". Our bass player at the time, Oli, just managed to save himself by jumping to the side.

    One thing you have to hand it to the Swedes: they are damn fast at cleaning the stage! Mark sat out the chorus while the band bravely played on and was back at it for the 2nd verse. After that, the concert went (fortunately) without further incidents.

    «With Sebastian Bach in the airport shuttle»

    In the airport shuttle we met Sebastian Bach (ex "Skid Row" singer), with whom Mark had destroyed the vodkas the night before. Since he still seemed to be thirsty, Mark gave him a can of Feldschlösschen. Whether he liked the Swiss beer is still not known. But one thing is for sure, the can was empty after the trip...

    "Iron Maiden" and "Guns n' Roses"

    Back in Switzerland we went directly to Dübendorf, where we were allowed to open the gigantic Open Air of Iron Maiden on the military airfield, it was a unique experience!

    This was not to be the only big event in Switzerland where we played, because Olympus was calling! Not in the Greek sense, but for us Swiss it is something like the holy grail to play once in the Hallenstadion in Zurich. This dream now became reality - we were booked as opening act for Guns n' Roses! What an honor, especially for Mark, who is still a big fan of Axel Rose, an idol from his youth.

    There is probably no more impressive feeling than standing on the stage of the Hallenstadion, shouting "Hello Switzerland" and hearing and seeing 12'000 people raving - pure goosebumps!

    Mark Fox


    Vocals: Mark Fox, Lead Guitar: Thom Blunier, Rhythm Guitar: Thomas Muster, Bass: Oli Linder, Drums: Roger Tanner

    Produced by Thom Blunier


    SHAKRA in airport shuttle in Sweden with Sebastian Bach


    SHAKRA at Powerride Studio

    Sweden Rock


    SHAKRA opens for Guns n' Roses at Hallenstadion


    SHAKRA & Crew on tour with Hammerfall and Stratovarius


    On tour with Strativarius and Hammerfall in Barcelona. f.l.t.r. Roger Tanner, Mark Fox, Oli Linder, Thom Blunier, Thomas Muster

    Chains Of Temptation" clip shoot: Mark in the mud hole


    Sweden Rock" advertisement


    On tour with Strativarius and Hammerfall